Month: May 2017

  • The important thing we forget in the rush to achieve

    I should remember the following gems in the article I found in the following tweet. But if I could offer one piece of advice to incoming freshman, it would be to learn to take care of themselves—because they are about to be surrounded by people who often have the misconception that racking up achievements and […]

  • 1000 days of Elevate

    Today is my 1000 th day playing Elevate.            I broke the streak once in June 2016, not because I slacked but because I was stuck on the dated iPhone 4 running on dated iOS 7 on which the Elevate app was slow and crashed repeatedly. I was also traveling and didn’t have reliable internet. […]

  • Tenth year on

    Ten years ago I had no clue that I will end up working for

  • Nothing like not having to commute to work in this crappy weather. Thank you @automattic.

  • My Instagram Bio

  • Not enjoying The Effective Executive

    I know it’s a classic and a couple of people I admire recommended it. But I’m not enjoying reading The Effective Executive book. It felt like a boring management text book. I think I didn’t like the flat writing style. I tried to get interested few times but I finally gave up. Tomorrow I’m going […]

  • Example of a nagging app

    Only yesterday I blogged about apps and their tricks to grab our precious attention by making us  install them on our phones in the pretense of helping us. This morning I wanted to check the menu of a local cafe. I googled and clicked on one of the search results. It’s a Zomato link that […]

  • Apps and attention

    I started reading Raptitude from last year and it quickly became one of my favorite blogs. The recent post, How Billionaires Stole My Mind, opened up my mind to how social media companies compete for our attention first thing in the morning and succeed in distracting us. After reading this post, I also deleted Tweetbot […]

  • Yet another leg day 🏋️

    I both love and hate the leg day workouts. I love because the gains of one hour of work last for the next 48 hours. No other exercise gets you that much in return. I hate because it is incredibly hard (assuming you are not mucking around and trying to push yourself) to do swings […]