Month: March 2017

  • Tenth Anniversary in Sydney

    We are having pretty awesome time in Australia. We came here to celebrate ten years of our lovely marriage. We spent three splendid days in Gold Coast mostly visiting theme parks. The evening street show performed by four guys on Cavill Avenue was amazing; we enjoyed it two nights but donated $20 only once. We […]

  • WiFi and VPN

    I usually don’t offer free advice. But I will make an exception this time for the greater good. Don’t connect your phone and computer to public WiFi networks without VPN. Install VPN software in your computer and phone and turn that on every time you are about to hook on to public WiFi. But how? […]

  • 2016 in the hindsight

    2016 is by far the best year in my life. It has been fantastic in all the aspects of my life. I base this review on few important things I listed in my /now page.