Month: November 2016

  • It is almost December. I couldn’t yet swing a 30kg kettle-bell non-stop for 50 times as I hoped at the start of the year. But, last night I swung three rounds; each round non-stop for 30 times. So I still count that as progress from the beginning of the year. I must admit, the last […]


    I changed the domain of my photo blog from (53 USD per year) to (free). The current domain also aligns better with the name of the soon-to-be-changed domain of this blog.


    Bought a new short domain for my photo blog: Thanks for the prompt post of my colleague Luca. This blog’s domain changes soon too to a short, modern name. More on this later.

  • Ownership and control

    I read a great post today that explains why we should take the ownership and control of our content we put on the internet. Discovered in this tweet, Redesigning Waxy, 2016 edition is a great read. If you don’t have time to read the full post, just read these two paragraphs: Last week, Twitter announced […]

  • Learning to write well

    Since I started reading English language style guides few years ago, I became critical of the text I see everywhere.  There’s heaps of imperfect writing everywhere; billboards, public toilets, public transport, and oh yeah, this blog. These are all great learning opportunities to practice the rules I read in the books.  I’m in the airport […]

  • 800 days of Elevate

    Hit the 800 day streak on Elevate today. Between moving the phones and traveling, I lost the streak in June.  So I used the cheat to restore the streak and never missed a day ever since. Here’s to 1000 days.