Month: September 2016

  • Worldwide WP 5K 2016

    Today I ran the WWWP5K with fellow Automatticians at this year’s Grand Meetup in Whistler, Canada. This happens to be the 30th 5K since my first 5K as part of the last year’s WWWP5K. Full map of the run: I am happy that I got to run my with my lovely coworkers and that my run […]

  • Automattic featured in Quartz Perfect Company Series

    There is a great post on Quartz titled “This pioneering tech company figured how to make work-from-home work”. This post is about how we work at Automattic. “If we make it look easy, it’s because we’re working incredibly hard at it.” – Matt Mullenweg I feel lucky to be part of the future of work. […]

  • Evolution of my desks and laptops

    Here are my desks (and the laptops) over the last few years. The last one is my current and the best desk. Thanks to my awesome employer, Automattic.  

  • Finally I am at the Tuihana cafe for brunch. Photos.

  • Up at 5 am (10 am in San Fransisco yesterday) to watch Apple iPhone Event today.