February 2016

  • About a month ago I tried to swing 32 kg ket­tle-bell for straight 50 times. And failed at 21. This evening I swung two rounds for straight 30 with a break after the first round. I lit­er­al­ly crashed onto the floor at the end of the sec­ond round. It felt won­der­ful. It is hard, but I will keep prac­tic­ing and see… Read more

  • Sunrise calendar app

    Last week I dis­cov­ered Sun­rise cal­en­dar app. I loved it at first sight. Sun­rise joins Wun­derlist in my GTD tool set. I con­nect­ed my work, per­son­al and Face­book cal­en­dars and Wun­derlist to Sun­rise. Every­day, Wun­derlist tells me what to do and Sun­rise tells me when to do. This is a great thing. Because a wise man once said, and… Read more

  • Tim Cook’s letter to customers

    One of my Face­book friends post­ed the link to this inter­est­ing Tim Cook’s let­ter to Apple’s cus­tomers. I am shocked by these two para­graphs: …now the U.S. gov­ern­ment has asked us for some­thing we sim­ply do not have, and some­thing we con­sid­er too dan­ger­ous to cre­ate. They have asked us to build a back­door to the… Read more

  • Hide media in tweets

    Twit­ter embeds are cool, just like every­thing else on WordPress.com. You just paste the link to a tweet and the edi­tor auto-mag­i­cal­ly embeds the twit­ter card. While this is great, WordPress.com does a bit more that I don’t like: it also includes the images in the tweet. I don’t like it because the image increas­es the size of the twit­ter card.… Read more

  • Tips for living a creative life

    I found a post titled Fear is bor­ing, and oth­er tips for liv­ing a cre­ative life which is apt for the cre­ative chal­lenge I am going through my life cur­rent­ly. Via the fol­low­ing tweet: Read more

  • “Man, this weath­er sucks. This does­n’t feel like sum­mer at all.” “Looks like you have noth­ing else to wor­ry about than the weath­er.” I am nev­er going to com­plain about the weath­er. Nev­er. Read more

  • Flat abs comes at a price. Fat abs are free. Read more

  • Results

    Soon­er or lat­er, results even­tu­al­ly fol­low all the efforts. So more than results, I’m wor­ried about feel­ing smug and get­ting dis­tract­ed by the results. Read more

  • Highlights of the day

    Nine years ago on this day my sweet­heart and I exchanged rings, six months after exchang­ing our hearts. I dead-lift­ed 60 kg for the first time on a 20 kg bar hold­ing a 20 kg plate on its each side. At 15%, my body fat per­cent­age falls in the fit range. I only need to shed 2% to fall in the ath­let­ic fat… Read more