Month: January 2016

  • January workouts

    Here is the summary of my workouts in January 2016. 11 high intensity workouts. 5 five kilometer plus runs, once every Sunday.

  • Theme Change

    I spent this evening making over my blog. I switched to Twenty Sixteen from Hemingway Rewritten theme. I hope you like this blog’s new design.

  • Set out to swing 32 kgs for straight 50. Humbled after 21. We will get there soon, with practice. Until then, the glory is in the struggle.

  • Once you accept someone as your leader/guru/mentor/boss/trainer/coach, follow them unquestionably and do what they say. Results shall follow you.

  • While talking and eating, knowing when to stop takes you a long way.

  • There are no finish lines

    I chanced upon a great quote today. There are no finish lines. It made prefect sense. This is something I keep in my mind with everything I do. My relationships, friendships, habits, and principles are all for my life. There are no finish lines. In the other news, I tried to keep quiet in Twitter and […]

  • Happy New Year 2016

    Happy new year for all my lovely readers. We just returned home from our annual new year eve ritual of watching fireworks off the Auckland Sky Tower.