Month: December 2015

  • Master yourself. Help others.

    I recently wrote about how  what I do aligns to “Master yourself, help others” philosophy I learned from Derek Sivers.  I loved this philosophy so much that I want to make it my life motto and make sure everything I do fits into either of these buckets. This motto adds on to the four principles […]

  • 2015 in the hindsight

    2015 is my best year ever in almost all areas of my life. I learned a few good ideas, built a great momentum for my goals, and continued my habit streaks. In October I put everything I have been up to in my /now page. This is the one of the best things I did […]

  • Three ideas I learned from Derek Sivers

    I learned three great ideas from Derek Sivers over the last couple of months. I am very grateful to Derek for the following ideas. Hell yeah or no. /now page. Mastering self and helping others. Hell yeah or no I came across Derek’s “Hell yeah or no” idea via Leo Babauta’s tweet. I instantly liked it […]

  • Understanding GTD

    If you are keen to get better at achieving your goals in the new year, I suggest you check the free Get Stuff Done online course on YouTube. This course teaches how to apply the famous GTD philosophy to our life. It was originally offered for a small fee but the nice fella, Tiago Forte of Skillshare has made it available for […]

  • It is the season of giving

    2015 version of giving happened today. I am unsure when did 2014 version happen and if I blogged about it. But it surely happened sometime around this time in the last December. It is good to be giving a bit for three years in a row.

  • Protected: I miss you, sis.

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Importance of journaling

    Last ten days have been a bit gloomy for me. I am slowly feeling better. What has helped me is putting my thoughts down in a 960-word essay on what is bothering me and how I intend to deal with it. I wrote my post in the morning. Incidentally, Scott Berkun, one of the writers I […]