Month: September 2015

  • About me in three words

    For a long time I described myself as unparalleled, unpredictable and unassuming. I had filled all my online bios with just these three words. They still apply to me but I stopped using these adjectives for no clear reason. Later I learned that using adjectives is a terrible way to describe oneself. While I think […]

  • Some inspiration for exercising

    One of my awesome exercise mates shared this motivational video. It is not that people who don’t exercise lack motivation or don’t know the facts mentioned in this video. And I don’t think anyone instantly starts working out solely looking at this video. Great watch, nevertheless. I loved it.

  • Back to Toastmasters

    I recently quit Toastmasters as I am not finding enough time to practice my speeches. Insufficient practice shows up pretty badly in front of audience. Toastmasters are incredibly forgiving. They will put up with the worst of the speakers.  But it hurts to not live up to the Toastmasters Promise. There is one thing that […]

  • Leveled up in Pushps

    I just completed the Level 2 Pushp Challenge and signed up for Level 3. Level 3 helps me do 30 pushups in four weeks. I reached to 30 pushups in the last few days but today, on the last day of Level 2, I had to land on my knees at 28. But the numbers […]

  • James Clear

    James Clear is one of my favorite habit bloggers. I came across him sometime last year. I am reading his blog ever since. It changed me for the better. I love his content, consistency, and writing style. His work has been immensely helpful to me while I was forming my habit philosophies. Until last week […]

  • Relieved

    My grandmother is recovering and is now out of ICU. Sigh! I can’t wait to talk to her and see her get back to the routine.

  • Gutted

    I feel sick in my tummy as I write this. Both my grandparents, who raised me, are dealing with an unfortunate health conditions. My grandfather had an eye surgery recently and is recovering. But my grandmother’s situation is what is making me sick. She was operated yesterday as she broke her hip. She was knocked […]

  • Exercising enough

    I used to wonder if exercising only three hours a week is enough. Now I am convinced it is. I exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I train equally hard on all three days. But the after-burn (that nice and mild pain in the muscles) of Thursday’s kettle-bell workout lasts until Sunday. So if I […]

  • Loving Coffee Again

    I started drinking coffee in August. I had a coffee everyday except Tuesdays. It took a lot of mental energy to continue not drinking coffee. I missed the routine more than caffeine. And I couldn’t find a substitute routine. I tried very hard. I wasted more than fair share of my day’s cognitive budget on […]

  • Disk space mystery

    Today I resolved the disk space mystery on my work computer, the latest generation Mac Book Pro. This has bothered me for few months. A few months ago I noticed that there is only about 45 GB of free space in my Mac. This is on a 500 GB hard disk. This did not sound […]