Month: August 2015

  • Push ups

    One of the skills I hoped to develop this year is to learn how to do push ups. I totally sucked at push ups last year despite exercising 110 hours. I just couldn’t do even a single push up on my toes. So rather than getting frustrated and angry at myself and jealous at others […]

  • Unsubscribe, Unfollow, Unread, Unfriend, Unplug.

    One thing I started appreciating after becoming a dad is the value of time. Like many dads, being the best possible hands on dad is non-negotiable to me. You don’t need a lot of money to be a good parent but you certainly need a lot of time and patience, things money can’t buy. However, […]

  • Where would you rather be?

    Did you ever wish that you would rather be in a different place than you are right now? I did. I think it is normal for all of us to think of some dreamland where everything is going to be exactly in the way we want. A place that is anywhere but where we are […]

  • Habits and streaks

    I clearly remember that July night in 2013. I discovered Medium and was on reading spree. Just like how I used to read any and every blog in 2006 when I discovered blogging. That Medium post was titled Deliberate Practice, one of my favorite subjects. It mainly talked about two points which I can’t recall […]