Month: June 2015

  • Adieu Toastmasters

    I quit Toastmasters today. I belonged to my club for three years, two of those years as a Sergeant at Arms in the executive. Toastmasters is one of the finest volunteer organizations. I experienced it first hand. I made friends, learned few skills, practiced public speaking, saw people grow as speakers, organized logistics and decided […]

  • New year resolutions

    I did not have resolutions for 2014. Instead, I decided to plant and grow few habits that are worth pursuing for years. To help me get going, I made the following three rules for myself: Base goals on Identity. Not on Performance or Appearance. Rely on Habits and Processes. Not on Willpower. Believe in Evolution. […]

  • Quitting coffee

    I did pretty well last month learning to stop drinking coffee. I had only one small coffee in all of May. This is a significant slash given I was having one coffee every workday. It wasn’t too difficult to give up coffee, partly because I am not a coffee addict. But I had few urges. […]