Month: May 2015

  • Google Photos

    I wished only three things in a photos app: Auto upload camera roll including videos Unlimited storage Free Today this wish became true. Google released Photos app that ticks all three boxes. Like everyone’s, my camera roll has precious memories on it which I keep pushing to cloud regularly. But I only have a limited […]

  • Goodbye

    I just shut down my self hosted WordPress, It is not too long ago that I moved to .org. I learned a bit about how things work in the self-hosted world. But its value to my current mission is little. So I imported my content and deleted it. This action plants┬ásome broken links on […]

  • 150 workouts

    This evening I exercised for 150th time since I told myself that I will not lose out and workout. This habit is also an example of how I hoped to deal with my new year resolutions: Identity – I saw myself as the type of person who never misses the workout. So I only cared […]

  • Facebook iPhone app user experience sucks

    Dear Facebook, I installed your app after many months so I can easily set one of the photos in my camera roll as a cover photo. This time I hoped to keep you on my iPhone. However I am disappointed that you haven’t stopped infesting my feed with “People You May Know” list. I understand […]