Month: December 2014

  • 2014 in the hindsight

    2014 has been a great year for me with few exceptions. I did not have any grand resolutions to start with. I instead chose to intensify the tiny habits method I stumbled upon in 2013. As a self-reminder, I forked some markup on Codecademy and created a three point manifesto for myself. I think I […]

  • Why blog?

    I can’t recall when and how I came across this inspiring clip on blogging. But this is a great reminder to me to blog and write some damn thing here.

  • A medal and a tee

    I can’t recall when was the last time I earned a physical medal. But today our awesome trainer presented a medal and a tee for consistently turning up to exercise for 100+ times this year.

  • Elevate App

    Today I am pleased to learn that the Elevate app is picked by Apple as the best iPhone app of 2014. So well done,  people at Elevate Labs. Your work is awesome. We're honored to be the 2014 App of the Year on the @appstore! Thanks for all your support. — Elevate (@ElevateLabs) […]