Month: August 2014

  • Resurrecting this blog

    I decided to put life back into this blog to log some of my learning experiences. This blog will henceforth be about all the things I am learning currently. I intend to share my experiences on this blog. I used to blog only about technical learning but going forward I will blog about all other […]

  • Remembering Infosys

    Ten years ago on this day I received one of the most anticipated emails of my life: the job offer letter from my first employer, Infosys [NASDAQ:INFY]. I was waiting for the outcome of the interview and I knew they’d email me the outcome. I was very keen so I could not wait more for […]

  • Microsoft Mouse II

    My first wireless mouse – which I bought together with my first laptop in the September of 2006 – has finally died after working relentlessly for more than 7 years. It seems its circuitry finally gave up. I could not be more impressed by its mileage. So on the weekend I picked up a new […]