Resurrecting this blog

I decided to put life back into this blog to log some of my learning experiences. This blog will henceforth be about all the things I am learning currently. I intend to share my experiences on this blog.

I used to blog only about technical learning but going forward I will blog about all other avenues of learning in my life.

Remembering Infosys

Ten years ago on this day I received one of the most anticipated emails of my life: the job offer letter from my first employer, Infosys [NASDAQ:INFY].

I was waiting for the outcome of the interview and I knew they’d email me the outcome. I was very keen so I could not wait more for their email. But I had no way to instantly know if I received any email.

At that time the internet was not prevalent and was only available at cybercafes. Yahoo was cool. So I was using Yahoo Mail. My mobile phone was a Motorola Talkabout I loaned from my uncle. It has no silicon that could hook it up to data networks. Mobile notifications were literally unheard of.

But thankfully Yahoo used to offer a service called  Yahoo SMS Alerts. Yahoo will send an SMS with the subject of the email to the registered mobile number whenever a new email arrives in the inbox. So in 2004, on this same day, I received a text that conveyed the good news.

I became an Infoscion (scion of Infosys family) and remained so for little over 6 years. This experience changed me in few interesting ways. Because Infosys is not like any other company in its class. I say this not just because I worked there or people are world class or campuses are magnificent. I can never forget my training experience at the then unfinished Infosys Mysore GEC. [Yes, what’s seen in this video is the training facility of an IT services company].

Visions diverge and things change so I eventually moved on. Now I am an Exfoscion (ex-Infoscion)  and a minority investor. I miss a few things but if I have to pick one single thing I miss about Infosys, it would be the InfyBLOGS, a LiveJournal based internal blogging platform. I will write more about this later.

Unfortunately, once the darling of the Dalal Street is now going through the challenging times but I am confident that Infosys will reclaim its leadership under the guidance of Dr. Vishal Sikka.

Microsoft Mouse II

Microsoft Mouse I.jpgMicrosoft Mouse II

My first wireless mouse – which I bought together with my first laptop in the September of 2006 – has finally died after working relentlessly for more than 7 years. It seems its circuitry finally gave up. I could not be more impressed by its mileage.

So on the weekend I picked up a new Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000.

It’s interesting to see the side by side view of both mice that were bought nearly 8 years apart,  from different parts of the globe.  The first one cost  ~ INR 1200 in 2006 September and the second one, 135 stale Fly Buys.

Both mice have the same form factor but the current USB dongle is dramatically downsized.  Although I wish the dongle could be tucked into the mouse, just like the earlier one. I was just closing the computer and had a second look at the mouse to find the slot next to the battery that takes in the USB dongle. Silly me!

Microsoft included a Duracell battery to power up this mouse out of the box, which I totally unexpected.