Month: December 2013

  • Countdown to 2014

    My 2014 Countdown. This page also lists the principles behind my 2014 resolutions. These are based on my learning around behavioral science evangelized by Lift app. I’m going to keep the actual 2014 resolutions to myself because I’d like to delay the satisfaction until they are actually done. In other words, I’m avoiding the undue […]

  • .com to .org

    Today is another significant milestone for this blog. Effective today, this blog is served as a self hosted site that’s housed in one of the Bluehost’s servers somewhere in the ether. It’s a bit unfortunate that I had mistakenly registered my domain at without fully aware of the consequences and as a result […]

  • Why is Microsoft cool?

    This is certainly one of the coolest answers I read on Quora. We live in a world where we pay more attention to an app that adds a fake nostalgia to our photos than the builders of the roads we travel, electricity we consume and food we eat. Cool answer explaining Why is Microsoft ‘cool’?

  • How to print labels using Microsoft Word

    Background So far the only printing I am versed with is plain vanilla printing on A4 paper. There are few variations like printing in colour or printing A3 sheets. But these variations are not drastically different to what I already know. Today I took charge to print some labels. I haven’t printed a label until […]