Month: December 2010

  • Getting Amazon Kindle

    With the objective of rekindling my passion to read, I ordered a Kindle (Wi-Fi only version) today. I have about 1.5 GB and growing pdf collection which I am procrastinating to read from quite a few years! This certainly affected my technical and English language skills. I agree that I am lazy at times but […]

  • My experience with BSNL 3G in India

    I started using BSNL 3G and here my experience. Probably it is an early review as I just staretd using it since today 🙂 -Background As soon as I bought an iPhone, I realized that I need to have a data connection to fully levarage its power. An iPhone which cant connect to internet is […]

  • IBM Java tools works only with its own JVM.

    When working with any of IBM products like Websphere, Thread Dump Analyzer developed by IBM or those n number of other Java tools, if you run into issues despite getting all obvious things correct one worthy check would be to see if the tool works with the JVMs other than the one developed by IBM. […]