Month: October 2010

  • How to generate Weblogic core dump in Solaris

    This is what I did recently to generate core dump of Weblogic server running in Solaris box. Had to spend sometime to figure it out where the dump is being generated. Here are the steps I followed: [1] Run ps -ef | grep java command. [2] Identify the process id of the Weblogic process [ […]

  • How to pre-complie JSPs in Weblogic

    This is one of the techniques I implemented in my last project, among others, to improve response time of JSPs in a Struts 2 based web application. We know that, in any J2EE web application, the page load time is relatively high when we access the page for the first time because the container has […]

  • How to read files from CLASSPATH in Java

    This is one learning from my previous project in 2009. The most platform-independent and flexible way in Java to load resources such as files is to read the resource from CLASSPATH. This way, as long as the resource‚Äôs location is added to CLASSPATH, the resource can be anywhere on the disk. Java provides a method […]

  • How to pause cmd window incase of any exceptions.

    Last year I had to write a small piece of java code to launch another application using one of the available ports between certain range. I wrote the code and saved the command to launch the java class in batch file so that when the user double clicks it, java class will launch the application. […]

  • iPhone 4. A dream, realized.

    14 October 2010 Level 15, 92 Albert Street Auckland, New Zealand This is the location where a dream I have been dreaming from 2007 January got realized. I have my dream gadget in my hand. In fact my dream has been transcended. I just dreamt about iPhone and I got iPhone 4. I never thought […]

  • How to induce delay in Loadrunner Java Vuser script

    I had to send two xml messages to a JMS queue with slight delay between them. Since I am writing a Java Vuser script, I wasted no time in choosing Thread.sleep( milli sec) function. This worked fine in Vugen so I was sure. But during the execution of Scenario in Load Controller, I observed that […]