Create a Macro to draw a horizontal line in Textpad

Tip Courtesy: Veera Sundar ( )

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + R (Record Macro), which starts a macro recording session.
2. Continuously press the ‘_’ (underscore) character for about 100 chars length (which now looks like a horizontal line).
3. Then again press Ctrl + Shift + R, which stops the current macro recording session and asks the file name and macro name to save the recorded macro. Give ‘Draw Line’ as the macro name.
4. After this a new menu option ‘Draw Line’ will be added to ‘Macros‘ menu.

Now whenever you want to insert a horizontal line, you just need to choose the menu option ‘Macros -> Draw Line‘ which will do the rest for you.

The created macro will be saved to C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\TextPad folder with .tpm file extension. In case you want to delete the macro simply delete the .tpm file from the above location.

howdy 2009!

At the onset of every year, many people make many self committments ( a.k.a resolutions). But as the days passes, getting drowned in their life, job and many other priorities, slowly they forget about them.But only few people remain truly committed to themselves till the end of the year.I am definitely NOT one among them.

But yet again, this year, I decided to be committed to none other than myself.I decided to be more focussed and persistent in my life mission.I decided to never lose momentum at any cost while doing the things I wanted to do.

So apart from peace, happiness and prosperity, I also wish you self-committment, focus, persistence and momentum to the achieve your life mission.Have a wonderful new year ahead and may all your dreams come true.