Month: October 2008

  • Update on WLW

    3rd post using Windows Live Writer(WLW).   Impressed.   Thanks Jayson.

  • My Wish List

    I was very much impressed with the remote controlled toy car in [email protected] this evening. I was flattened by its looks.It costs 1600/-. But I still have to see if I its worth buying. I added this to my wish list below: iPhone BlackBerry Curve Honda Activa Nokia E51 Wi-Fi router Remote controlled toy car […]

  • From Windows Live writer: Thoughts at 2 AM.

    Just installed Windows Live Writer software. Thanks to  Jayson’s post. Clock shows 2 AM. Today I thought of sleeping at 10:30 PM but couldn’t. It was nice to meet and spend time Surendra,Sudha, and Gopi. Spent lot of time before my laptop after coming home.Cleaned up the mess. managed all our photos to Picasa. Still […]