Month: August 2007

  • Weekend trip to Trivandrum

    Last weekend [ 31-Aug-07(started), 1-Sep-07 and 2-Sep-07(returned)] trip to Trivandrum went very satisfactorily. All the objectives of my trip were met also I could help Uncle and Aunt by delivering some goods to their daughter. I am really worried about this trip from long time.It got postponed couple of times due to unavailability of tickets […]

  • Moved to new Home

    Just 2 hrs back I shifted everything from my old home to new home again in Electronics City in Bangalore suburb.This new home is also close to office. Just 15 minutes of brisk walk from work. As Sailu is in Vemagiri, I had to do all alone and I did it finally.Felt very tired.Carried so […]

  • Hyderabd Blasts

    I was, for the first time in my life, really worried a lot after reading news about blasts in today’s Eenadu. Many innocent people who had been to Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat just to have some good time with their loved ones became victims of some merciless terrorist master plan.So much of grief. May […]

  • KFC

    Coming from KFC at Forum Mall. Gulped in 1 Zinger Burger, 3 Chicken Strips and a Brownie all for 191/- Rs. I love KFC very much for what they serve.You will get value for money unlike McDonald’s.

  • Me in Trivandrum

    Until February 2005, I just know Trivandrum as just any other capital city of some distant Indian state. Suddenly in February, then one of my senior manager mandated that I should go to Trivandrum on permanent basis from Hyderabad. Being a fresher in Software Industry, I had not much option. I could have created some […]