Month: January 2007

  • Leaving Trivandrum

    This is my last post from my home internet connection connection in Trivandrum. Am leaving Trivandrum on day after tomorrow i.e on Thursday 25 th January 2007. Feeling nostalgic but still have to move on 🙁

  • CheckPoint 1- Resolutions 2007

    Legend Yet To StartCurrently WorkingDone with Flying Colors One: Increase financial aptitude. Two: Start investing and saving (and hence Tax planning). Three: Learn disciplined spending. Four: Learn XML related technologies and take one external certification on XML. Five: Take SCWCD certification. Six: Read Wren and Martin High School Grammar book. There is a lot of […]

  • Most enjoyed New Year Night…

    Yesterday night [31-december-2006] was the most enjoyed new year night I have ever spent in my life till now.Thank you for partenering with me to make this happen.Thank you very much.The happiness will only multiply in our lives effective this year.I promise you my dear…

  • Two key missing prerequisites to reach my ‘Should-be’ state

    FOCUS and  MOMENTUM The two key elements which I lack or rather I would say, I often fail to persevere in most of the tasks I take up on my own. I had applied them many times but still am failing to exploit them to my fullest advantage. In fact I used to apply them […]