Month: October 2006

  • A tribute to a friend called- Theja

    Thejaswi Kolla , Theja in short is the lad whose friendship has changed me a lot from the moment I met him in GITAM College circa 6 years back. I feel he is one of the best gifts GITAM had presented to me to be my best friend, critic and inspirer.I am a firm believer […]

  • Why I die for Businessworld and BusinessToday

    BW and BT are the magazines which I die to read.I have been reading them from the past 2 years and hardly I missed any of the issues. I have been reading them voraciously and passionately week in and week out.But the question what many of my friends dont understand is why? whats so special […]

  • In Love with English

    Unlike most of my friends, I fell in love with English after I joined Infosys in october of 2004.During my third year of engineering at GITAM I wondered when most of my friends were trying hard to push tons of words in to their minds and were cramming wordlists for GRE and CAT kind of […]

  • Am I alone?

    Its not long since I consciously chose to stay alone.Just with myself, no one else.There were days when I was scared so much to stay alone even for very few days when all of my roomies are away for their holidays during my college days.At that time I was well surrounded by so many people […]